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FREE Reliability Certification Course at FullCircle

 In conjunction with The Association of Maintenance Professionals (AMP), FullCircle 2015 media partner® is pleased to offer conference attendees a FREE Certified Reliability Leader Preparation course (normally $199) on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 from 8:00am-2:00pm at the event conference center in Phoenix, AZ.

The Reliability Leader Certification is based on the holistic system of Uptime®Elements™ and the CRL Body of Knowledge (BoK).  This course is presented by is led by industry renowned Terrence O’Hanlon, CEO and Publisher of® and Uptime® Magazine.  Attendees will also have the opportunity (not required) to take the actual CRL Exam the same day, from 2:00pm-4:00pm (for an additional fee; please visit for details).

The Certified Reliability Leader System focuses on whole life asset management decisions and whole life value delivery through leadership.  The system provides guidance in applying its principles early into the asset’s lifecycle, rather than in the typical operate and maintain asset lifecycle phase that most organizations employ.  It is a map of theory, to engage and empower every stakeholder in your organization as a Reliability Leader.


Uptime Elements provide a simple way to understand a holistic, system-based approach to embedding reliability into an organization’s practices and culture. By using a unified theory to explain the fundamental elements of reliability and how they relate to each other, Uptime Elements allow everyone to gain an understanding of reliability appropriate to the work they do.

To register for this free course and/or the exam, please CLICK HERE.  Be sure to use special code oracle when you register for a complimentary pass for this course (not including additional exam cost).

In order to prepare for the CRL Exam, we recommend purchasing the CRL Body of Knowledge which can be found at the MRO-Zone Bookstore website or purchased onsite at the FullCircle conference book store.